Active Substances and Impurities

Mérieux NutriSciences can support you with the development and validation of methods suitable for quantitative determination and identification of active substances, impurities and toxicologically relevant impurities in both technical and formulated products.

5-Batch analysis

5-Batch analysis is one of the key studies to be submitted for registration of agrochemical products. Its purpose is to identify and quantify active ingredients and impurities in five representative batches of the technical product.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers proven expertise in 5-Batch analysis with experience in over 100 different active ingredients. Our experts continuously update their knowledge base and refine our analytical capabilities to meet evolving regulatory requirements. We perform a high volume of 5-Batch studies each year in our specialized labs in Italy and Brazil.

Screening analysis

Screening analysis allows you to evaluate impurities in an active substance or technical product prior to starting a 5-Batch study. Your samples can be tested in Europe (Italy), China (Shanghai) or Brazil (Piracicaba).

Quality control screening includes:
•    Quantification of active ingredient in technical products
•    Quantification of impurities and toxicologically relevant impurities in technical products

Our screening analyses provide accurate information about the chemical composition of technical products.