Ecotoxicological Studies

Mérieux NutriSciences performs ecotoxicological studies to evaluate the effects of agrochemical products on organisms in aquatic, terrestrial and air environments. We offer a full range of tests to evaluate:

•    Effects on terrestrial organisms
•    Earthworm acute toxicity test (Eisenia foetida)
•    Soil microorganisms - Nitrogen test
•    Soil microorganisms - Carbon test
•    Short-term toxicity to plants
•    Toxicity to algae
•    Acute/chronic toxicity to microcrustaceans (Daphnia magna)
•    Oral/contact toxicity to bees

Our ecotoxicology studies are accompanied by dose verification and stability tests. They are planned and/or performed by experienced staff according to international guidelines, in particular for test substance preparation (OECD guideline n° 23).